John H

Welcome to John H

This site houses a collection of the various projects I have worked on over the last few years. The most recent addition is Iron Man 2: The Video Game developed on Wii and PSP at High Voltage Software. Also listed are SpongeBob and Friends: Globs of Doom (Wii, PS2) and MX vs ATV Untamed (Wii, PS2). Both of these games were developed at Incinerator Studios.

You can view my portfolio and resume by clicking on the link at the top of the navigation bar.

Professional Work
   Iron Man 2
   Globs of Doom
   MX vs ATV Untamed

Personal Games
   Rawhide Frontier
   Take Out the Trash
   J2ME Cell Phone Games
   Super Crash Air Battle

Graphics & Animation
   The Theory
   Ray Tracer

Apps & Other Programs
   File Search Utility
   Poker Timer