Computer Animated Short - The Theory


This is a project created during Winter Quarter of 2006 for CSE 682: Procedural Animation. Our team consisted of six undergraduate computer science students and one masters student in the Arts College.

The emphasis of the course was to create animation not by keying frames, but instead through scripts or code that direct the animation. We chose to use Maya 7.0 to model the scene and MEL (Maya Embedded Langage) to script the animation.

My primary responsibilties were to code to transition the letters in the animation to their different states and to model the animation of the tornado. More details on the how the animation was made and how the team divided up the work can be found in a mirrored version of the site here.


title.jpg classroom.jpg letters.jpg atom.jpg galaxy.jpg tornado.jpg



Warning: The following files are over 200 Mb in size each. - Quicktime Movie - This is the final movie. The sound was re-cut by Kyle Moore with Beethoven's 9th Symphony instead of the original song, Balafia.

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