Cell Phone Games

Simon Cell
Pick a Card


These cell phone games were written over Winter break 2005. They are a first attempt at using a mobile technology, specifically J2ME.

Simon Cell is the first game that was written. It is based off the electronic game "Simon" created by Ralph Baer.

Pick a card is essentialy a random card generator. It will draw from a randomly shuffled deck until all 52 cards are shown.

Mole is a miniature take on the familiar game Whack-a-Mole. The player has 90 seconds to hit as many moles as possible. Any misses will result in a penalty reduction in time remaining.



http://kkz.ath.cx/cell/JSGames.jad - Temporary Download. Navigate to this URL from your cell phone to download the game to your phone and to install it.

JSGames.jad - Java Application Descriptor Note: This file cannot be used to download the game to your cell phone because this webserver does not support the required MIME Extensions.

JSGames.jar - Jar file containing the game's byte code.

JSGames.zip - Zip file containing both .jar and .jad files

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