John H. Scott

Professional Projects:

Iron Man 2: The Video Game

Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP versions of the movie tie-in for Iron Man 2.

SpongeBob and Friends: Globs of Doom

Globs of Doom is a action/adventure game for the PS2 and Wii developed by Incinterator Studios in 2008. It features playable characters from five different Nickelodeon cartoons fighting against aliens made out of orange goo.

MX vs ATV Untamed

MX vs ATV Untamed is a off-road racing game released in 2007. Incinerator Studios developed unique versions for the PS2 and Wii with over three dozen new tracks, vehicle customization and online play for both platforms.

Projects of Interest:



An iTunes style search program to quickly find files.
Created January 2010


A search utility for Windows Mobile to look up information on the internet from one of several websites quickly.
Created August 2008

Poker Timer

A blinds timer for poker games. Plays a user selectable .wav every time blinds should go up.
Created January 2006

Computer Animation

Computer Animated Short - "The Theory"

This is a project created during Winter Quarter of 2006 for CSE 682: Procedural Animation. Our team consisted of five undergraduate computer science students and one masters student in the Arts College.

Ray Tracer

This is a project created for CSE 681 - Computer Graphics. The task was to create a ray tracer in the Solaris/Unix environment.

Programming & Game Design

"Rawhide Frontier"

Rawhide Frontier is a real-time strategy game developed over ten weeks for an advanced game design course at The Ohio State University in Spring 2006. The game was built by six computer science students using the OGRE graphics engine.

"Take Out the Trash"

Take Out the Trash is an flash game written specifically for the arcade cabinet at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts & Design (ACCAD). The game was developed by for a prototype of a new class "Video Game Production" in the Spring of 2006.

J2ME Cell Phone Games

A collection of three cell phone games written using J2ME.
Created January 2006

Super Crash Air Battle

A lighthearted two-player competition for air superiority
Created June 2004

Whack a Mole

An introduction to DirectX with a familiar game.
Created March 2004


A high school computer science dossier.
Created March 2002