MX vs ATV Untamed


MX vs ATV: Untamed is the continuation of a long running series of off road racing games. Developing the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions, Incinerator Studios added Wii online network play in addition to the Playstation 2 online play. Forty-two different tracks were created with over ten events to play.


  • User Interface - Worked with artists to create front-end and in-game menus using Flash and Actionscript.
  • Wii Motion Controls - Developed motion controls for multiple different Wii remote configurations including nunchuck, Wii Remote only and Wii Steering Wheel. Created gesture based stunt system to allow user to trigger any of 32 unique stunts using only a button press and simple hand motion.
  • Vehicle Customization - Expanded customization system to include custom vehicle paint schemes, placement of stickers around the vehicle, and saving of multiple vehicles.
  • X-Cross Gameplay - Implemented new racing tournament format to tie together several racing events in to one overarching competition.


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