SpongeBob and Friends: Globs of Doom


SpongeBob and Friends: Globs of Doom brings characters from five different Nickelodeon cartoons together to fight in an platforming action game. Both villains and heroes from each cartoon rally to fight against an invasion of mysterious aliens made out of orange goo. To aide them, each of the ten playable characters are given a special Mawgu Gadget which gives them a unique attack or ability. Additionally, when characters are paired together, they can perform a powerful and unique combo attack based on each of the characters traits.


  • Gadgets & Combos - Developed each of the specialized gadget and combo attacks used in the game. Coordinated with modelers, animators and particle effect artists to create a unique visual effect and enemy reaction for each of the ten gadgets and fourteen combos.
  • Boss Battles - Implemented specialized enemy behaviors for boss battles in coordination with level designers.

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