Take Out the Trash


Take Out the Trash is an flash game written specifically for the arcade cabinet at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts & Design (ACCAD). The game was developed by three computer science students, one music student and one art student for a prototype of a new class "Video Game Production" in the Spring of 2006.

Up to four players control Cletus, Rosco, Earl or Bubba to clean up the city which has been overrun by trash monsters caused by the radioactive waste of Professor Rufus T. Trashenstein. Players must not only defeat the trash monsters with their broom, but must also take the resulting trash and recycle it so that it cannot be used to feed the larger, more destructive monster, Trashzilla at the end of each level.


screen4.jpg screen7.jpg screen3.jpg screen1.jpg screen5.jpg screen6.jpg screen2.jpg


Start game with Enter.
To play on a keyboard, use CTRL to attack with broom.
Hold Shift to pick up items.
While holding an item, press CTRL to deploy them.


tott.zip - Download for SWF file

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